Kerala Recipes

God's own country", Kerala has a rich culture and tradition. Various traditions have influenced Kerala cuisine also. The spicy dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, from the Kerala are delicious. Most of these dishes are made using coconut and coconut oil. Spices are fried and grounded at home itself for more tasty and healthy food preparation. There is difference in the tastes and method of cooking in different parts of Kerala. Regional availability of food items forms the base for this taste difference. People who live in places where spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper will like to have more spicy food. When the availability of spices and chillies is less is certain regions, people tend to like foods which are less hot. Here, we present you with the traditional Kerala food recipes, which include vegetarian dishes commonly prepared at homes and also non-vegetarian recipes along with traditional payasams like Ada Pradhaman, Pal Payasam, Ethakka Payasam and much more from Kerala kitchens. In addition to the Traditional Kerala Recipes, South Indian Foods, North Indian Foods, other non vegetarian and vegetarian Recipes are available here. Vegetarian Non Vegetarian Rice Recipes Break Fast Recipes Pickles and Chutneys Snacks & Savories Desserts Indian Breads Salads Soups Juices and Milk Shakes