Non Vegetarian Recipes

Welcome to the Non-Vegetarian section of Zonkerala Recipes. Try some of these tantalising dishes which combine a variety of spices to appeal to all kinds of taste. Serve these dishes with rice and accompaniments, perhaps a vegetable salad. Ideally, spices should be freshly grounded for optimum flavour of the non-vegetarian dishes, but they can be bought already ground from supermarkets. Often recipes call for whole seeds, such as mustard seeds or cumin seeds, which when dry roasted impart a rich aroma and flavour to the dish. You may be required to grind a range of seeds together to make a paste or powder. Make extra quantities of the powder, and store in an air tight container to use next time. You can vary the quantities of spices in these dishes - be as creative as you want! You can find Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Egg, and Sea food dishes including fish and Prawns in this section.