Unlocking the Power of Creatine: Discovering a Variety of Foods Rich in Creatine

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in small amounts in certain foods, primarily animal-based sources. While it’s most commonly associated with supplementation for athletes and bodybuilders, you can also obtain creatine through your diet. Here are some foods that are relatively rich in creatine: It’s worth noting that the creatine content in food is […]

Domestic Electricity Cost in Kerala

The domestic electricity cost in Kerala varies depending on the usage slab. The current rates are as follows: These rates are applicable for all domestic consumers, including individual houses, apartments, old age homes, and handlooms. There is a fixed charge of ₹50 per service, which is not applicable for consumers who consume less than 40 […]

Top Online Shopping Sites in Kerala

There are several popular online shopping sites in Kerala where you can find a wide range of products. Here are some of the top online shopping sites in Kerala: These are just a few examples of the top online shopping sites in Kerala. It’s important to compare prices, product availability, and customer reviews before making […]

Top Internet Provides in Kerala

Here are some of the top internet service providers in Kerala, along with their profiles: These are just a few of the many internet service providers available in Kerala. It is important to compare the different providers and plans before making a decision.

Top 5 Malayalam serials : May 2023

here are the top 5 Malayalam serials in Kerala as of May 2023, based on their TRP ratings: Rank Serial Channel 1 Kudumbavilakku Asianet 2 Ammayariyathe Asianet 3 Padatha Painkili Asianet 4 Mounaragam Asianet 5 Mridula Mazhavil Manorama As you can see, all of the top 5 serials are aired on Asianet. This is not […]

Comparison of Mobile Plans in Kerala : May 2023

Here is a comparison of mobile plans in Kerala: Mobile Operator Plan Name Price Data Calls SMS Other Benefits Airtel ₹199 28 Days 1.5GB/Day Unlimited 100/Day 300MB Weekend Data Airtel ₹249 28 Days 2GB/Day Unlimited 100/Day Airtel Xstream Premium Airtel ₹349 28 Days 3GB/Day Unlimited 100/Day Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Airtel ₹449 28 Days 5GB/Day Unlimited […]

Compare DTH Plans in Kerala : May 2023

Here is a comparison of DTH plans in Kerala: DTH Provider Plan Name Price Channels Airtel Digital TV Kerala Value Lite Pack ₹280/- 99 channels (56 HD) Airtel Digital TV Kerala Value Plus Pack ₹338/- 98 channels (15 HD) Airtel Digital TV Kerala Mega Pack ₹434/- 107 channels (23 HD) Dish TV Kerala Value Pack […]

OTT vs Theater Which is Better ?

The choice between OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms and theaters depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Both options have their own advantages and considerations. Let’s explore them: OTT Platforms: Theaters: It’s worth noting that the ongoing global pandemic has significantly impacted the availability and accessibility of theaters. Theatrical releases and viewership patterns have been affected, leading to […]