Indian Breads

There are many kinds of Indian breads some of which are unleavened and are more like a Western style pancake. They are made with a variety of grains, including rice flour and semolina. They can be plain or stuffed with various fillings. There are deep-fried breads such as poori or oven-baked ones such as naan. Chapatis are the daily bread of millions of Indians, cooked on a griddle and eaten with every meal, or simply with a bowl of dhal. Parathas are also usually stuffed, and are a light tasty snack, good to serve as an entree. Naan is a favourite bread to eat at Indian restaurants. It is traditionally made in a tandoor oven, the dough being slapped against the sides of the oven. But you can make it in your own oven with good results. Naan is served just plain, or you can spread buttered dough with crushed garlic for a very tasty garlic naan. Serve any of these breads with a variety of curries and accompaniments, using the bread to scoop up the food, in true Indian style. Practice this before trying it in front of your guests!!!