Pickle and Chutneys Recipes

Chutneys and Pickles are best made in large quantities and stored in the fridge in airtight containers, handy to use whenever you need them. The fruit chutneys and pickles are delightfully sweet and spicy, and there are also tangy ones like the tomato pickle. Serve a selection of these, putting small amounts in little bowls, on the dinner table, or with snacks at a party. Or spread some on a sandwich to liven it up! Chutneys and Pickles are easy to make, involving blending or pounding ingredients together, and then boiling to thicken. Vinegar is an important ingredient, helping to preserve them. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Pickle recipes and different chutney recipes like Coconut chutney, Pudina chutney, Tomato chutney etc. are available here.