Online Share Trading

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Online share trading in Kerala refers to the process of buying and selling shares and other securities through online platforms. Here's a brief history and summary of online share trading in Kerala, as well as the top companies involved in the industry:

History of Online Share Trading in Kerala:
The introduction of the internet and technology has transformed the way people invest in the stock market. Online share trading has become increasingly popular in Kerala in recent years, with many investors opting to trade shares through online platforms.

Summary of Online Share Trading in Kerala:

Top Online Share Trading Companies in Kerala:
a) Angel Broking
b) HDFC Securities
c) ICICI Direct
d) Kotak Securities
e) Sharekhan
f) Zerodha

Benefits of Online Share Trading:
a) Convenience: Investors can trade shares from anywhere using a computer or smartphone.
b) Lower Costs: Online trading platforms offer lower brokerage fees than traditional brokers.
c) Real-Time Information: Online trading platforms provide real-time updates on stock prices and market news, enabling investors to make informed investment decisions.
d) Control: Online trading platforms offer investors greater control over their investments and allow them to track their portfolio in real-time.

Challenges of Online Share Trading:
a) Technical Issues: Online trading platforms can sometimes experience technical glitches that may disrupt trading activities.
b) Security Risks: Online trading platforms are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and fraud, which may result in the loss of investors' funds.
c) Lack of Expertise: Online trading requires investors to have a good understanding of the stock market and investment strategies, which may be a challenge for novice investors.

Overall, online share trading has become an increasingly popular option for investors in Kerala, with several top companies offering online trading platforms. While there are benefits to online share trading, investors should also be aware of the potential challenges and risks involved.

Online trading is the internet based investment activity that involves no direct involvement of the broker.

Here are some of the major online share trading websites popular in India.

  • Muthoot Securities Ltd : Muthoot Securities Ltd (MSTL) brings to the highly competitive Securities Trading business.
  • Cochin Stock Brokers : Cochin Stock Brokers Ltd (CSBL) is a subsidiary of the Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd.
  • : On provides investors with company analysis, market commentary, breaking news and scoops, stock market data and much more.
  • Angel Broking : Angel has emerged as a premium Indian stock-broking and wealth management house
  • VERTEX Securities Ltd : VERTEX Securities is a Stock Broking Company which is a major player in India's broking services sector.
  • RBG Commodities Pvt. Ltd : RBG commodities offering trading opportunities in the four leading Commodity Exchanges in India.
  • Capstocks Securities Ltd : Capstocks is a professionally managed stock broking company.
  • IDBI Paisabuilder : Online Stock/share trading portal, trade in BSE and NSE.
  • Sharekhan : Sharekhan is an equities focused organisation tracing its lineage to SSKI.
  • Composite Securities Limited : Composite Securities Limited is a stock-broking company incorporated in 1995.