Financial Websites

Financial websites are online platforms that offer information, news, analysis, and tools related to various aspects of finance, including personal finance, business finance, investments, banking, insurance, and more. Here's a brief history and summary of financial websites popular in Kerala, as well as the top sites in the industry:

History of Financial Websites in Kerala:
The growth of the internet and technology has led to the emergence of various financial websites that provide users with easy access to information and resources related to finance. In Kerala, financial websites have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals and businesses using them to stay informed about the latest financial news and trends.

Summary of Financial Websites in Kerala:

Top Financial Websites in Kerala:
a) Moneycontrol
b) Economic Times
c) Yahoo Finance
e) MarketWatch
f) Bloomberg Quint

Types of Financial Websites:
a) News Websites: These websites provide the latest financial news, analysis, and opinions on various financial topics.
b) Investment Websites: These websites provide tools and resources for investors to manage their investments, track stock prices, and analyze market trends.
c) Banking and Insurance Websites: These websites provide information on banking and insurance products, rates, and policies.
d) Personal Finance Websites: These websites provide tips and resources to help individuals manage their personal finances, including budgeting, saving, and investing.

Benefits of Financial Websites:
a) Convenience: Financial websites offer users the convenience of accessing information and resources from anywhere, at any time.
b) Information and Analysis: Financial websites provide users with the latest information and analysis on various financial topics, helping them make informed decisions.
c) Tools and Resources: Financial websites offer users various tools and resources to manage their finances, investments, and businesses.
d) Education: Financial websites provide users with educational resources to improve their financial literacy and understanding of financial concepts.

Overall, financial websites have become an important part of the financial landscape in Kerala, providing users with easy access to information and resources related to finance. While there are benefits to using financial websites, users should also be aware of the potential risks and should exercise caution when making financial decisions based on information obtained from these websites.

Directory of Financial Websites detailing about shares and mutual funds in India.

Here are some of the websites giving details of share trading and mutual funds:

  • : India's online discussion forum for Stocks, Commodities and Forex.
  • Rediff Money : Latest news on Indian business, budget, finance, stock market report, investment, taxation, economy and marketing.
  • AMFI : The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is dedicated to developing the Indian Mutual Fund Industry on professional, healthy and ethical lines.
  • : is a personal finance portal.
  • : is India's leading personal finance destination.
  • Kerala : Kerala Banking provides proper guidance for all Banking related activities in India.
  • NDTV Profit : NDTV Profit is a 24-hour business channel website.
  • Mutual funds Nav India : Mutual funds Nav has India Mutual Funds Schemes, Investing Articles, Mutual Funds And Stocks News.