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Info and websites of Ayurvedic treatments and a web directory of Hospitals in Kerala. Ayurvedic centres websites, Ayurvedic training centres and Ayurveda Herbs and Medicines manufacturers information are available. Directory of all major Hospital websites in Kerala are included.

  • Ayurveda Web directory of all websites to Ayurveda Hospitals/Centres, Ayurveda Herbs/Medicine Manufactures and much more.
  • Hospitals Directory of all major Kerala hospitals are available here.
  • Dental Clinics Dental Clinics & Hospitals in Kerala websites
  • Pharmacy Pharmacy lists for various Kerala locations
  • Yoga & Meditation Links providing details about Yoga and Meditation in Kerala.
  • Homeopathy List of Homeopathy related websites, Clinics in Kerala.
  • Health Directory Directory of Various diagnostic centres, labs, rehabilitation centres, speech therapy, physiotherapy, hearing aids, health websites, opticians etc.