The history of banking in Kerala dates back to the colonial era, with the establishment of the Bank of Madras in 1843. Here are some key highlights of the history of banks in Kerala:

Establishment of the State Bank of Travancore: The State Bank of Travancore was established in 1945, and was one of the five associate banks of the State Bank of India until it was merged with the parent bank in 2017. It played a key role in promoting the economic development of Kerala, particularly in the areas of agriculture and small-scale industries.

Growth of cooperative banks: Kerala has a large network of cooperative banks, which are owned and managed by their members. These banks cater to the needs of small farmers, traders, and other small-scale entrepreneurs, and have played a significant role in promoting rural development in the state.

Expansion of nationalized banks: Following the nationalization of banks in India in 1969, several nationalized banks, including the State Bank of India, opened branches in Kerala. This led to a significant expansion of the banking sector in the state, and increased access to banking services for the general population.

Introduction of online banking: With the growth of the internet and technology, banks in Kerala have increasingly shifted towards online banking services. This has made banking more convenient and accessible, and has led to a significant increase in the use of digital banking services in the state.

Focus on financial inclusion: In recent years, banks in Kerala have focused on promoting financial inclusion, particularly in rural areas. This has involved the establishment of more bank branches in remote areas, the introduction of mobile banking services, and the promotion of financial literacy among the general population.

The history of banking in Kerala reflects the state's economic and social development over the years, and the sector continues to play a key role in promoting economic growth and development in the state.

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