Society & Culture

List of various religious places in Kerala and their websites. Links to all major religious places like temples and churches in Kerala are included in this prose

  • Religion Information related to all the major temples & Churches of Kerala and links to their websites.
  • People A Directory of websites of famous people, organizations and groups, families and personal weblinks of various people.
  • Government Directory of the Government websites. All major departments, police websites and all other government websites are included here.
  • Astrology Webdirectory of astrological websites and famous astrologers of Kerala.
  • Art Information on all the major art related websites in the web from Kerala
  • Communities Web Directory of all major communities and forums on the web which helps people interact with each other.
  • Beauty & Fashion List of Websites related to Fashion, Modelling, Beauty Contests
  • Home & Living Websites related to Home, Garden, Cooking, Pets, kids, Parenting and much more.