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Kerala has been home to many famous astrologers throughout history, and continues to be a hub of astrological practice and study. Here are some major astrologers in Kerala:

Neelakanta Divakara: Neelakanta Divakara is one of the most famous astrologers in Kerala's history. He is best known for writing the "Jyothisha Deepika," a seminal text on Kerala astrology that is still widely used today.

Kanippayyur Shankaran Namboodiripad: Kanippayyur Shankaran Namboodiripad is a renowned astrologer and scholar who is known for his expertise in "prasna" or horary astrology. He comes from a family of astrologers and has written several books on astrology.

Edakkad Narayanan Namboodiripad: Edakkad Narayanan Namboodiripad is a well-known astrologer who is respected for his knowledge of traditional Kerala astrology. He is the author of several books on astrology, and is known for his ability to provide accurate and insightful astrological readings.

Kottakkal Nampoothiri: Kottakkal Nampoothiri is a renowned astrologer and ayurvedic physician who is known for his expertise in both fields. He is the founder of the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, a leading ayurvedic institution in Kerala, and is also known for his astrological predictions.

P. Unnikrishna Panicker: P. Unnikrishna Panicker is a well-known astrologer and writer who has authored several books on astrology. He is known for his ability to combine traditional astrological knowledge with modern scientific principles.

K. N. Rao: Although not originally from Kerala, K. N. Rao is a famous astrologer who has made significant contributions to the field of astrology in India. He has written numerous books on astrology, and is known for his expertise in using astrological tools such as the "Navamsa" chart.

Overall, these astrologers have made significant contributions to the field of astrology in Kerala and beyond, and their expertise and insights continue to be valued and sought after by many people.

Listing of all major Astrologers of Kerala. Website addresses related to these astrologers are also available here.

  • Sri. Kudamaloor Sarma : Sri. Kudamaloor Sarma the renowned Astrologer of India, known for his immaculate power in solving various problems incurred to humans.
  • Sri. Attukal Radhakrishnan : Many from the different parts of the world accepts of power of Dr. Radhakrishnan's Magic Talismans.
  • Jyothisha Bhooshanam Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai : Sri.Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai is one of the leading Astrologers in Kerala who legibly adopt the goodness of Vedic Astrology.
  • Karanayil Madom : Sri. K.V. Padmanaban Swami is the chief ruler of Karanayil Madom now. People from different parts of world are coming here for Jathakadosham
  • Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam : Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam is a famous astrological institution in Mumbai headed by Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri, an exponent in Kerala Tantric poojas and astrology.
  • Astrologer Suresh Potti : Astrologer Bramhasree Suresh Potti is an eminent student of Astrology, whose “Guru” is Jyothisha Chakravarthy Shri K.G.kaimal, Cheppad.
  • PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri, Astrologer : Website of Shri.PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri, an expert astrologer.
  • Sri. Panthiradi Madathil Gopalakrishnan : Sri. Panthiradi Madathil Gopalakrishnan, popularly known as 'Gopalji', is a well renowned astrologer of the times.
  • Mayoora Jyothisha Clinic : Dr. Kuppakkat Divakaran is a consultant in Jyothisha Tantrika mantrika. He also writes for astrological magazines both in English and Malayalam.
  • Raveendranath Menon's Vedic Astrology : Raveendranath Menon The reputed vedic Astrologer (Ravindranath menon, Menon , Menon Raveendranath ) Shares his experience, thoughts and views on the vedic astrology