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Listing of all major Astrologers of Kerala. Website addresses related to these astrologers are also available here.

  • Sri. Kudamaloor Sarma : Sri. Kudamaloor Sarma the renowned Astrologer of India, known for his immaculate power in solving various problems incurred to humans.
  • Sri. Attukal Radhakrishnan : Many from the different parts of the world accepts of power of Dr. Radhakrishnan's Magic Talismans.
  • Jyothisha Bhooshanam Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai : Sri.Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai is one of the leading Astrologers in Kerala who legibly adopt the goodness of Vedic Astrology.
  • Karanayil Madom : Sri. K.V. Padmanaban Swami is the chief ruler of Karanayil Madom now. People from different parts of world are coming here for Jathakadosham
  • Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam : Sree Mookambika Jyothishalayam is a famous astrological institution in Mumbai headed by Brahmasree Mangulam Suresh Namboothiri, an exponent in Kerala Tantric poojas and astrology.
  • Astrologer Suresh Potti : Astrologer Bramhasree Suresh Potti is an eminent student of Astrology, whose “Guru” is Jyothisha Chakravarthy Shri K.G.kaimal, Cheppad.
  • PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri, Astrologer : Website of Shri.PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri, an expert astrologer.
  • Sri. Panthiradi Madathil Gopalakrishnan : Sri. Panthiradi Madathil Gopalakrishnan, popularly known as 'Gopalji', is a well renowned astrologer of the times.
  • Mayoora Jyothisha Clinic : Dr. Kuppakkat Divakaran is a consultant in Jyothisha Tantrika mantrika. He also writes for astrological magazines both in English and Malayalam.
  • Raveendranath Menon's Vedic Astrology : Raveendranath Menon The reputed vedic Astrologer (Ravindranath menon, Menon , Menon Raveendranath ) Shares his experience, thoughts and views on the vedic astrology