List of websites of famous people, organizations and groups, families and personal weblinks of various people. All the major cultural and social welfare groups, eminent personalities from various fields like films, artists, politicians and webpages of other individuals of Kerala origin from across the globe are listed here.

  • Personalities Directory of eminent personalities from various walks of life like politicians, poets, film stars, cultural and religious leaders and many more.
  • Families Directory of Kerala Family websites, description about these families are available in this section
  • Groups & Organizations Directory of Social and Cultural groups and other organizations related to Kerala from across the globe are included here.
  • Personal Websites Directory of Personal websites of People of Kerala origin. Information regarding these people are also available here.
  • Clubs Directory of Entertainment Clubs in Kerala, membership information, facilities and websites.
  • Sports Web Directory of Sports & Games related clubs, organizations, communities in Kerala.