Karanayil Madom

Karanayil Madom is an ancient family of Namboothiris, a Brahmin community in Kerala, India. The Karanayil Madom family is known for its contributions to the field of astrology and Vedic studies.

The Karanayil Madom family is believed to have been established in the 11th century AD by Sri Narayanan Namboodiri. The family has a rich tradition of scholarship in astrology, Vedas, and other related subjects. Many members of the family have also served as court astrologers to the rulers of erstwhile kingdoms in Kerala.

The family's ancestral home, the Karanayil Madom, is located in Thrissur district, Kerala. The Madom has a traditional architecture and is built in the traditional style of Kerala homes. The Madom also has a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which is believed to be more than 1,000 years old.

Today, the Karanayil Madom family continues to be a center for Vedic studies and astrology in Kerala. Many members of the family are actively involved in these fields and are respected for their knowledge and expertise.

Sri. K.V. Padmanaban Swami is the chief ruler of Karanayil Madom now. He hails from the ancient family line of Kovindamuthappa. The Swamiji is well known for his qualities of devotion,dedication and sincerity.

People from different parts of world are coming here for Jathakadosham, mental disorders, failure in business, profession, and other problems related to their day to day life for getting relief for their disasters.


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