Jyothisha Bhooshanam Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai

Sri.Eruva V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai is one of the leading Astrologers in Kerala who legibly adopt the goodness of Vedic Astrology.

His Grand father and father Late.V.N.Chellappan Pillai and were renowned astrologers.

Aluva Dr.Mahadeva Ayyar and Sri.K.G.Kaimal were his masters in Astrological studies.

In the month of April 2000 he had actively participated the DEVA PRASNAM at Sabarimala Sri Ayyappa Temple.

And in August 2002 he leaded the DEVAPRASNAM.

He conducts ASHTA MANGALA DEVAPRASNAM in and out of Kerala as per the request from Priests and Temple Authorities.

He is the Chapter President of Savarni Jyothisha School at Kayamkulam also.


* Ashta Mangala Deva Prasnam
* Counseling - before and after marriage
* Building Design as per VASTHU sasthra.
* Horoscope with basic charts and Information, other astrological services including matching of horoscopes and other remedial measures.
* Consultations are provided on Employment Chances, Success/Failure in Business Ventures, Gains from purchase of vehicles, Direction from where marriage is possible, Real estate predictions, Job transfer prospects, Political future.


V.C.Sreenivasan Pillai
Prasanthi, Eruva.P.O., Kayamkulam, Kerala, India.

Phone: +91 479 2440959, 2431259

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