Astrology Websites

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Popular Astrology Related websites and this includes horoscopes, gemology, numerology, and much more are available here.

  • Prokerala Astrology : Know the astrological details of your Birth like your Zodiac/Sun Sign, your Nakshatram, Malayalam Nakshatram
  • Astro-India : This site is dedicated for Keralite Astrological Services and Career Guidance.
  • Upasana Astrology Services : Accurate predictions can be made in accordance to the position of planets at the time of birth and at any given time.
  • : From simple Zodiac Signs to Chinese Astrology, Numerology to Palmistry, Dream Analysis to Graphology and everything else in between, brings your destiny up front and close.
  • Weblokam Astrology : Know what stars say about you
  • : is an attempt to save a human being from total degeneration in ‘KaliYuga’ by helping him acquire true knowledge which is beyond logic and academics, by teaching him to understand and utilize the immense power of his mind and soul.
  • Astro Vision Online : India's Number One producer of Astrology related software packages.
  • : Find here the largest collection of Vedic astrology live web tools and online software.
  • Vedic Astrology : Vedic Astrology is a noble science from the ages of Vedas. This was founded, investigated as developed by the maharishis of Vedic times.
  • Vedic Medical Astrology : Medical Astrology,Astrology, Horoscope, Astro -Vaastu, Predictions, Vedic Astrology,Indian Astrology, Stellar Astrology