Observatory is situated in the premises of Kanakakkunnu Palace. This is the highest area of the city, 60 meters above sea level. Observatory is built by the Travancore Raja Swathi Thirunal in 1837. A clear view of the whole city of Trivandrum is available from here.

In 1927, the work of the Observatory was divided into two sections, Astronomical and Meteorological, under the charge of the Government Astronomer Dr.H.Subramani Iyer and the Government Meteorologist Mr. Sivaramakrishna Iyer then Director respectively.

Now the observatory is under the Department of Physics, University of Kerala. This observatory is one of the oldest of its kind in India. The observatory has some modern facilities like 11 inch telescope, CCD camera, Sun workstations, image processing facility and collaboration with national programmes. With these facilities, the observatory will grow as one of the important centres in astronomy in India.

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