Music Bands & Orchestras

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A web Directory of Music Bands & Orchestras in Kerala.

  • Kalinga, Kochi : Kalinga is a Unique and Highly talented Pop ,Rock & Fusion band based in Cochin, Kerala.
  • Dr. Bineetha Sings : Orchestra and Event management with main stream Malayalam singers.
  • Sopanam School of Panchavadyam, Edappal : Sopanam School of Panchavadyam offer regular classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations, programs, stage performances to all the art lovers.
  • Astra13, Kottayam : Astra13 is one of the leading Rock Bands in Kerala performing various genres of music.
  • 4beats Instrumental Music Band, Kochi : 4beats Instrumental Music Band is a four member band, undertaking programmes everywhere in Kerala.
  • The Salim Nair Band, Kochi : The Salim Nair Band is a live digital post classical project.
  • Nadalayam, Thiruvalla : Nadalayam is an institution conducting, orchestra, cultural events, teaching musical instruments, vocals, dances, and other art forms.
  • Cochin Tarang Beats, Kochi : Cochin Tarang Beats is one of the Best Ganamela Troupe and Orchestra Band in Kochi, Kerala.
  • Cochin Navadarshan, Ernakulam : Cochin Navadarshan is a Ganamela troupe from Ernakulam.
  • Melodica Musics, Palakkad : Melodica Musics is organising Concerts, Festival Programmes, Marriage functions & Birthday Parties, Instrumental Fusion, Bands & Djs.