Crafts & Pottery

ta pottery has been passed down through generations, and the artisans create beautiful pots, vases, and other decorative items.

Another famous craft of Kerala is coir products, made from the fiber extracted from coconut husk. The fibers are woven into mats, carpets, ropes, and other items.

Kerala is also famous for its wood carvings, which are done on rosewood, teakwood, and sandalwood. The artisans create intricate designs on furniture, statues, and other decorative items.

Bamboo crafts are another popular craft in Kerala, with artisans creating baskets, mats, and other items using bamboo. The craft of bamboo weaving has been practiced for centuries in Kerala.

Lacquerware is another famous craft of Kerala, with artisans creating beautiful boxes, bowls, and other decorative items using lacquer and wood.

Ivory carvings were once a popular craft in Kerala, but the practice has been banned since the 1990s due to concerns about animal welfare.

Kerala's handloom textiles are also famous, with weavers creating beautiful sarees, dhotis, and other garments using cotton and silk. The most famous handloom textiles in Kerala are the Kasavu sarees, which are white with a gold border.

Overall, the crafts and pottery of Kerala are an important part of the state's cultural heritage and continue to be practiced and celebrated to this day.

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