Groups & Organizations

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Various Social and Cultural groups and other organizations related to Kerala from various parts of the world are available here. Information regarding the various organizations and their websites are included here.

  • The Valley of Love : Valley of Love, a non-profit social and voluntary organization that is committed to humanity.
  • Thanal, VMV Orphanage, Thrissur : Thanal is an orphanage for ladies and children
  • Kerala Cultural Association of British Columbia : KCABC is a cultural organization catering to the social and cultural needs of the Indian community, Malayalees in particular, living in and around Vancouver, located in the beautiful province of British Columbia.
  • Abhaya Gramam, Athani : Abhaya is an institution which offers shelter to mental patients
  • Adelaide Metropolitan Malayalee Association : AMMA represents migrants from the beautiful and unique state of Kerala in India and those who identify with the Kerala culture and ethos.
  • Uravu, Wayanad : Uravu is a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Kalpetta of Wayanad district in Kerala.
  • Keralites in Delhi : A virtual platform not only for Keralites in Delhi to communicate and share experiences and ideas that could be put to benefit for the community, but also the Malayalees world over, as well as others, who want to know more about Keralites and their life i
  • : is a mission- an ongoing attempt to delve into the history, trace the roots, portray the life of modern day Kerala Iyers, and chronicle the achievements of this community.
  • Aswasa Bhavan, Kottayam : Aswasa Bhavan, the alliance of Corrections India is a non-profitable organization dedicated to helping prisoners children.
  • Anweshi : Anweshi Women's Counseling Centre , is a voluntary women's organization based in Kozhikode, one of the major cities of Kerala.