Groups & Organizations

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  • The butterfly art foundation : The Butterfly Art Foundation (BAF) is a nonprofit non-governmental organization conceptualised and run by a dedicated group of art lovers
  • Kerala Samajam Vienna : Kerala Samajam Vienna serves as a cultural organization delivering to the social and cultural needs of the Indian community, Keralites in particular, living in Vienna, Austria.
  • Assisi Jeevan, Bharananganam : Assisi Jeevan is a group of institutions which include Assisi Ashram, Assisi Magazine, Jeevan Books, SERAPHIC PRESS and SERAPHIC SEMINARY.
  • Kerala Samajam Frankfurt : Kerala Samajam Frankfurt, formed in 1970, is purely a cultural organization catering to the social and cultural needs of the Indian community, Malayalees in particular, living in and around Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Thiruvithamcore Pravasi Socio Economic Forum : Thiruvithamcore Pravasi Socio Economic Forum work for the welfare of non-resident Indians from Thiruvithamcore Region.
  • Hermann-Gundert-Society : The Hermann-Gundert-Society was founded in connection with the Hermann Gundert Conference, which was held in Stuttgart in May 1993 on the one hundredth anniversary of Hermann Gundert's death.
  • Organization of Hindu Malayalees : OHM - Organization of Hindu Malayalees Inc. was incorporated as a religious and charitable tax exempt non-profit organization.
  • Pitara : The idea of Pitara Kids Network Pvt. Limited was born out of the recognition that education is not an end in itself.
  • Devashrayam Charitable Society : The society was formed with Dr. Vamana Murthy as the founder president and Ms. Beena Govind as its Secretary
  • Thiruvalla Junior Chamber : Thiruvalla Junior Chamber, an organisation that provides individual development opportunities