is an attempt to save a human being from total degeneration in ‘KaliYuga’ by helping him acquire true knowledge which is beyond logic and academics, by teaching him to understand and utilize the immense power of his mind and soul, of which he is presently using only ½ to 1% and teach him to acquire true happiness and satisfaction without which every thing else is meaningless.

Today’s man has more degree, less sense, hoards of possessions and fewer values: more medicine and more sickness. He plans more but accomplishes less: has conquered outer space, but not inner space: cleaned up the air but polluted his soul.

Astrologer’s panel can consist of highly experienced and reputed in Vedic, Thantric and mantric scholars. They recommended Poojas, Homams, and create Yantras for specific purpose or other problems, after analyzing your birth chart details.

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