Pregnancy Period and Delivery (Page 3 of 3)

A pregnant woman must be happy all the time. This will benefit the baby. Read favorite books, watch TV, listen to music, interact with family members and go for outings with your husband. All these will make you happy and cheerful. Do not keep your problems with yourselves and create depression. Share your feelings with your dear ones to avoid tensions.

Working women and pregnancy: If you are a working lady, do not expose yourself to much stress and tension during pregnancy period. Do not run or climb a bus fast. Your body should not be shaken much while traveling in a bus or an auto. Have your food on time. Drink enough water. Do not sit continuously for long time. Practice Yoga and meditation for reducing tension. Tell about your pregnancy to close friends so that incase of emergency, they will help.

Exercises during pregnancy: Walking is a good exercise. Walk during early morning hours. If you are interested, then swimming, cycling and dancing can be done lightly. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise. Exercises will help you to prepare your body for delivery. Your body will come to normalcy after delivery if you exercise regularly. Follow the guidelines when you exercise:

* Avoid hard exercises
* Do not exercise more during hot season
* Drink more water and fruit juices
* Do not exercise if you feel stomach pain or any otherdiscomfort
* If you get bleeding, consult your gynecologist Delivery:

Choose the hospital near to your home for delivery. But the hospital should have all the facilities, including operation theatre, if need arises for a caesarian operation. If the labour pain starts suddenly, even before the scheduled date, then it would be easy to reach hospital if it is nearby. Delivery can be expected after 280 days of conceiving. But this calculation doesn't come true for everyone. Delivery can happen anytime after 36 weeks. After the labour pain starts, normally it will take 6 to 8 hours for delivery.

Caesarian Operation: Caesarian section would be needed if the woman has twin babies. There are many other causes for a caesarian. For example, breach delivery. This occurs when the legs comes to the vagina instead of the head, as in normal case. Some other problems like the placenta detached from the uterus itself or the heart beat rate of the baby comes down, then a caesarian would be highly necessary. If the mother is diabetic, has heart problems, then also caesarian will be initiated. The operation will take up to 30 minutes out of which the baby will come out within 10 minutes, rest of the time is for stitching the uterus and the abdomen of the mother.