Pregnancy Confirmation and Diet (Page 2 of 3)

A woman may get a sense that she is pregnant when the female hormone estrogen increases in the body. A special hormone called Human Choreonic Gonadropin(HCD) will also increase when the woman get pregnant. This will also tell her she may be pregnant. Menstruation will stop when a woman is pregnant. This may be the first visible sign of pregnancy. The increase in the level of the hormone Progesterone will make a pregnant women tired and sleepy. Frequent urination with less urine is also seen in some women. Many women will get vomiting and nausea in the morning.

Pregnancy confirmation Tests: Urine test is the easiest way to confirm pregnancy. If the level of HCD hormone in the urine is increased, then it is a positive result for pregnancy. Today one need not go to laboratories to test the urine. You can buy pregnancy detection kits from the medical stores and test whether you are pregnant at home itself.

Preg Colour Card: Preg colour card is of oval shape. There are two box shaped openings for this card. A circular opening on the right side and a rectangular opening on the left side. Put a drop of urine taken in the morning to the right side of the card. After 5 minutes, if the C and D markings in the left opening gets the colour, you are pregnant. If only the marking C is getting the colour then the women is not pregnant.

Ultrasound scanning: The movements and the growth of the embryo and any abnormalities of the baby can be found out by ultrasound scanning. This method of testing the growth of the baby is harmless to the baby. The position of the baby in the uterus and its developments can be analyzed by the doctor with the help of ultrasound scan. Scanning may be done after 10-14 weeks after the pregnancy is confirmed for finding out chromosomal abnormalities. This is the best period to find out this condition. For example Mongolism (Down's syndrome) can be found out from the swelling of the back of the neck of the embryo.

Benefits of Ultrasound scanning: There are many benefits for ultrasound scanning.

* will confirm pregnancy

* make sure that the pregnancy occurred in the uterus itself.
* make sure that the placenta is in the correct position. If it is not, then precautions can be taken to avoid an abortion.
* if the pregnancy is confirmed by scanning, unnecessary medication can be avoided.
* precautions can be taken for avoiding diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy period.
* more tests can be done if a genetic abnormality of the baby is suspected in the scanning.
* any abnormalities in the functioning of the heart of the baby can be found out.

Expecting Mother's food habits: A pregnant lady should neither be overweight nor be underweight. If the mother does not take nutritious food, the baby will be underweight. Before becoming pregnant itself, the woman must see a gynecologist and find out the correct bodyweight needed to get pregnant.

Take enough nutritious food to maintain the weight and exercise regularly. Minimize fatty foods and sweets. Instead eat increased quantity of vegetables and fruits. Foods with more protein should be taken by the pregnant woman. Green leafs, vegetables, cereals, egg and meat can be eaten in more for getting enough iron needed for the baby.

Food habits according to Ayurveda: A pregnant woman can eat fish, egg and meat in limited quantities. cereals and urud dhal can be included more into the diet. Fruits without much sour taste should be taken. Carrot juice must not be taken by the pregnant woman. Mustard seeds, mustard oil and sunflower oil usage should be reduced. Coffee, brinjal and tur dhal should be reduced in the diet according to Ayurveda. These food items can reduce the reproductive capacity of a woman. Also Curd/Yogurt and fish should not be used together.