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In the last decade recruitment and HR industry in India have witnessed dramatic changes. Now job seekers don't have to travel all the way to companies to submit resume. Online jobs sites have changed the whole working of the Human Resource Industry. There are many advantages with online job sites over traditional systems like in online system no need to prepare and send separate resumes for different companies. Job seeker has to create an account and submit the resume. Jobs site will inform the job seeker about new openings.

Normally in a job site jobs are organized in many ways to help the job seeker as well as the employers.

City and Country-wise

In online jobs sites jobs are not limited to a particular area or city. Many leading jobs sites in India have separate sections for Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and International sections with jobs in USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf countries.

Jobs by Industry

Most online career sites organize jobs by industry like banking, BPO, call center, information technology, automobile, construction, healthcare, insurance etc.

Jobs by Specialization

This is another way to categorize jobs based on job seeker's specialization like finance, human resources, marketing, engineering, hotel etc

Jobs by Experience

Some sites categorize their listing with job seeker's industry experience like fresher jobs, management jobs, senior management jobs etc.

How to get started

First thing is to create a new account with the job site. The only requirement to create an account is an email id. Normally there will be a link like submit resume or register resume. Click on this link and it will take you to the registration page. First thing you have to specify a user name and password. User name should be unique and there should not be any space or illegal characters. For password also some sites have some minimum requirements like it should contain at least one number etc. Enter a valid user name and password as per site's guidelines.

Now you have to give your personal details like name, address, phone number, email id etc. After this there will columns to enter your academic details like school or college name, highest qualification achieved, percentage of marks etc. Next professional details like years of experience, previous company details with job description and location. Apart from these basic details you will have to enter some more extra information about you like your skill sets, preferred job location, expected salary etc

Once the account is created then you can apply for jobs. Either go through the category listing or search for a job in your preferred industry. Site will send you email when there is a new opening in your field. Then you have just login to your account and apply for that job.

Apart from these basic services job sites also offer many exciting services like job fairs where jobs seekers can directly contact 100s of recruiters, consultation services, job alerts, online enquiry, resume wizard etc.

Some major Indian online career sites