Faith And Facts Behind Numerology

Numerology stands for the deep relation between man and the numbers. It is widely believed that man's success and failures can be corrected using numerology. Every name has an energy or strength. Name's vibration can control a person. When we call one's name, the name's vibration is leading towards us. It is believed that calling out a name has equal strength as we pray.

According to numerology, our name has positive energy and negative energy. If one's name has a negative energy, when ever one calls your name, the negative vibration reaches you. That creates a negative energy.

If the name has a negative energy, then whatever we do will not give us a satisfaction. Because of the same reason, the person's life will always have difficulties and hindrances.

So, by changing the name, positive energy can be achieved. When this is achieved your mind will be clear. Many of the difficulties that were making your life troublesome may melt down, if one could change a name with negative energy. Your thinking also will become clear, and automatically success in life also can be achieved.

Numerology uses one's name and birth date in Gregorian calendar. Numerology corrects the vibration between the date of birth and the name of the person. Since Date of Birth can not be changed, name is changed. Mostly, this is done by changing some letters in your name. Some times, the whole name is also changed. Change in letters actually does a change in the planetary positions it self.

Now days, many youngsters change their names for prosperity in career, education, business, family life etc. When you change your name, there is something else which is to be done to make it official too. Official change of name can be done by publishing your new name in the gazette. Application form can be obtained from the Government Central Press or District Forum Store of the district. A fixed amount is collected towards fee for publishing your new name in the gazette.

Here are some important points to be noted:

If your certificates have different names, you should produce a certificate proving that all the names points to the same person.

If the name of the child is to be changed, then application should be made by the parent.

Residence proof should be produced to prove address.

SSLC Certificate or any other identity card's attested copy should be submitted to prove your identity.

Central/State/Public sector enterprises employees, private unaided school employees can not attest these certificates.

Hundreds of people change their names monthly by means of gazette itself.