Career In Aviation

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Athidhi Devo Bhava is the basis for the Aviation Services. Good Communication Skills and interaction with the guests is important for a success in the Aviation industry. High Salary, glamour, star life, travel to foreign countries, and the stay in 5-star hotels are some of the major attractions for the aviation career. In India, this industry is developing rapidly.

There are 110 air crafts flying in India now. Next year this may become 371 and within the next 3 years, the number may go upto 749. There will be a tremendous increase in the job opportunities for ground staffs and cabin crews. In this also, there will be more than 40000 vacancies for Air hostess and Flying Stewards by the year 2010. When the associated sectors are also included, this will go upto 90000.

Airlines Jobs

There are two types of jobs in the airlines. Ground Floor jobs and Cabin Crew Jobs. Girls as the Cabin crews will be known as Air Hostess and men in the cabin crew section will be known as Flight Stewards. For both these jobs, the basic qualification needed is Plus Two. In addition to this some physical attributes are also taken into consideration. Clear skin with no signs of injuries and cuts is mandatory. Girls should have atleast 157 cm and boys should have 172 cm height and corresponding weight.

Aviation Courses and Eligibility

Since the international airports have associated star hotels, this industry is related to Hospitality Management and Travel Management. There are institutions which teach Hospitality management and travel management along with Aviation course. This course is of one year duration.

For those who have completed Plus Two, there is BTEC HNC-BTEC High National Cetificate course. The duration of this course is one year. Practical training is also given for candidates of this course. In addition to that, self development, air travel reservation, ticketing, hotel management hospitality and reservation, operational training and risk management are also taught for this course. The age should be between 18 and 24.

For becoming Pilots and for other technical jobs, also there are courses. After Plus Two, aspirants can apply for courses in Pilot Training in Flying Clubs. But for commercial pilots, one need to pass the degree with very high marks. Engineering graduates has more priority. There is commercial and Professional Pilot training courses.

How to prepare yourself for the Aviation Courses

One has to prepare in advance for a training in Aviation courses. One has to achieve self development which includes five major factors:

Self Confidence: When a person is active, he/she will feel self confidence. It should be felt in ones body language itself. It should be shown outside. One should have a smiling face always.

Communication Skill: One should be able to express himself very clearly. One should have inner strength, which is a part of this job. The main function of this job is to tackle customer problems. So one needs to develop the communication skill to excel in this field. In interviews, your success is 75% based on the communication skill.

Language: Candidate should be able to speak English very fluently. One has to strictly avoid collogual accent in their English.

Hospitality: "Customer is God" is the basic slogan of the aviation career. So the aspirants should have to understand others needs and act accordingly.

Personal attractiveness: You should keep your skin clear and healthy. You should be careful about not injuring your face, hands and legs. The scars will make you unfit for this job. You should have weight corresponding to your height. Should not put on weight.