How to buy cheap Air tickets

With the amount of competition, air tickets are rather cheap these days. But as the balance sheets of airlines are turning red the cost of travel also increases. Here are some suggestions by which you can reach your destinations without selling your house.

Call up someone you know who works in airline industry that can give you some knowledge about the rates and facilities available in their airline. If you are a frequent flyer keep yourself updated on airfares. There are promotional offers from airlines. Find out whether the fare you got offered is the cheapest. Give yourself plenty of time to look around, both online and offline.

While using Internet, don't forget to check more than one Web site and compare rates. When prompted, enter information such as time and location, number of passengers and flight class. Be flexible in scheduling your flight. Tuesdays are typically the cheapest day to fly. Late night flights, early morning flights and flights with one stop are more likely to be discounted.

After you've window shopped, consult a travel agent to find out if he can offer ticket at better price. Prices vary from agent to agent you may be lucky to get some special deals. You can find the same flight on different sites for different costs.

Inquire about standby fares if you're flying off season. High season is bad time to fly standby as most airlines overbook flights which makes it difficult for a spare seat. Don't forget to inquire about other variables when speaking to the airline call centers. Book the tickets early. You can purchase advance ticket discounts by reserving earlier.

Some airline may offer travel packages like a rental car or hotel room which are available at a discount along with the airline ticket Check airline's official site for any special deals offered.

Select the choice of ticket delivery methods. Some airlines offer e-ticket option, which is good as you don't have to pay any charges to receive tickets. You can either pay by credit card by check.

Check the rate of staying with same airline during your entire trip to receive connecting fare or round trip discounts. Also consider one way tickets, sometimes purchasing separate tickets on different carriers will net a few rupees as savings. If you take at least two trips a year, you can join a travel club and get discounted fares.