Thrikodithanam Mahavishnu Kshetram, Changanaserry

Mahavishnu Kshetram at Thrikodithanam is one of the 5 ancient "Pancha-Pandava" temples in Kerala and is specially associated with Sahadeva,youngest of 5 Pandava princes. The temple is on the Chaganaserry-Kaviyur Road.

This temple is also counted among the 108 Temples & Celestial Abodes of Vishnu, which make a Vaishnavite`s pilgrimage itinerary, in India.

Earliest references to this temple appear in the poems and hymns composed by the greatest of Alvar saints - Nammalvar, in 800 AD. Old stone inscriptions in the temple date it back to the second Chera Empire (800 - 1102 AD).

The main festival of 10 days duration takes place in the lunar month of Vrishchigom (16 November- 15 December). On the ninth day - Thiru-Onam - of this holy month, the temple flag is hoisted to mark the commencement of festivities.

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