St Mary's Forane Church, Kanjoor

St Mary's Forane Church is at Kanjoor, far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife, but within arms distance from virgin green fields of a village with all its inherent virtues. This Church gives solace to those who tread in trepidation and troubled minds.

Once in,...before the glittering altar, the burdens are unknowingly unloaded...and ..feels a sense of divine security, the warmth and vehemence of the prayers enchanted by those now above in Heaven echoes within the four walls of this divine citadel.

Though the church is named after St. Mary, The festival of St. Sebastian is celebrated elaborately. Thousands of pilgrims from Bombay, Goa, and Manipur and from almost all parts of the country reach here for the festival, which is celebrated on 19th and 20th of January every year.

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