Srimad Anantheshwara Temple, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod

Traditionally renowned as "Manjula Kshetra" and "The Temple of 18 towns", Srimad Anantheshwara Temple is Situated in Manjeshwar, a small town of Kasaragod district in Northern Kerala.

Temple dedicated to Srimad Anantheshwara, that is Shri Shiva accompanied by Shesha or Anantha. Evidently, the town derives its name from the presiding Deity Srimad Anantheshwar changed into "Madanantheshwar" and then into Manjeshwar by efflux of time and long usage.

The origin of the Temple dates more than a thousand years back with many puranic legends and anecdotes woven round it.

The image of Shri Narasimha in the Temple as it exists today is made of "Panchaloha" (Five Metals) and has been installed in the place of the old one, in the Twelfth Century A.D., and this marked the change of creed of the Gowda Saraswat Brahmins from "Shaivism" to "Vaishnavism" of Shri Madhwa.

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