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Malayalam magazines have a long and rich history in Kerala, with several publications emerging over the years to cater to various interests and subjects. Here are some notable Malayalam magazines with a brief history and their significance:

Bhashaposhini: Bhashaposhini, started in 1907, is one of the oldest Malayalam literary magazines. It played a significant role in promoting and nurturing Malayalam language, literature, and culture.

Mathrubhumi Weekly: Mathrubhumi Weekly is a popular Malayalam magazine that began in 1922. It covers a wide range of topics, including current affairs, entertainment, literature, health, and more.

Deshabhimani Weekly: Deshabhimani Weekly is the official magazine of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala. It started publication in 1942 and focuses on political analysis, social issues, and ideology from a leftist perspective.

Vanitha: Vanitha is a women's magazine that started in 1975. It covers topics related to women's interests, including fashion, beauty, health, relationships, and more. Vanitha is one of the most popular Malayalam magazines.

Grihalakshmi: Grihalakshmi is a magazine that primarily caters to women and focuses on family, lifestyle, and home-related topics. It started publication in 1979.

Kalakaumudi: Kalakaumudi is a popular Malayalam magazine known for its coverage of film news, celebrity interviews, and entertainment-related content. It has been in publication since 1975.

Balarama: Balarama is a children's magazine that has been entertaining and educating young readers since 1972. It features comics, stories, puzzles, and educational content for children.

Manorajyam: Manorajyam is a film magazine that covers the Malayalam film industry. It features articles, interviews, reviews, and news related to movies and celebrities.

Kerala Kaumudi: Kerala Kaumudi is a daily newspaper in Kerala, but it also has a weekly magazine edition. The magazine covers a range of topics, including current affairs, politics, literature, and more.

These are some of the prominent Malayalam magazines with a rich history and influence in Kerala. They have contributed significantly to the literary, cultural, and social fabric of the state.

List of Malayalam Magazines like Vellinakshatram, KalaKaumudi, Vanitha, Kanyaka and their websites. Directory of all popular Malayalam magazines and a brief information regarding these magazines are available here.

Malayala Manorama Weekly, Mangalam Weekly, Vellinakshatram, KalaKaumudi, Vanitha, Kanyaka, Nana Film Weekly, Cinema Mangalam, Rashtra Deepika Cinema, Kerala Sabdam, Mathrubhumi Sports Masika, Malayalam Varika, Janasakthy, Chiricheppu, Puzha Magazine, Snehadeepam, Jalakam and so many other Weeklies are listed.

  • Malayala Manorama Weekly : Malayala Manorama Weekly Online Edition : Malayalamanorama Weekly Online new and latest edition available from Manorama Weekly Official Site.
  • Vanitha : Vanitha is is popular Malayalam and Hindi Womens magazine or weekly from Malayala Manorama Goup.
  • Arogyamasika : Arogyamasika is a Health Magazine in Malayalam published by Mathrubhoomi group, covering various health problems, and solutions.
  • Thozhilvartha : Thozhil Vartha is a Leading career Magazine in Kerala from Mathrubhumi group. Thozhilvartha publishes all Government jobs, public sector jobs vacancies and private sector employment vacancies in Kerala, India and Overseas.
  • Cinema Mangalam : Cinema Mangalam is Malayalam Film weekly magazine, published by Mangalam Group. Cinema Mangalam provides news and stories from the Cinema Field.
  • Grihalakshmi Magazine : Grihalakshmi Magazine is a woman's monthly magazine providing various information for the women of Kerala. Various topics of Women's interest are covered in Grihalakshmi Magazine.
  • Fire Magazine : Malayalam news magazine
  • Kanyaka : Kanyaka is a popular Indian women's magazine in Malayalam dealing with contemporary issues of women in general.
  • Nana Film Weekly : NANA has played a vital role not only in popularising the best in the film world but also in spotting out new talents and bringing them to the attention of connoisseurs of excellence in this media.
  • Kalakaumudi : Kalakaumudi is a Malayalam Weekly from Kaumudi publications with current affairs