Science Magazines

Kerala has several science magazines that cater to the interests of science enthusiasts, students, and those interested in scientific advancements and discoveries. These magazines cover a wide range of topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and environmental science. Here are a few notable science magazines in Kerala with a brief history and significance:

Vigyan Prasar: Vigyan Prasar is a science magazine published by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment. It focuses on popularizing science and creating awareness about scientific developments among the general public. Vigyan Prasar features articles, interviews, and news related to various scientific disciplines.

Jnananikshepam: Jnananikshepam is a science magazine that promotes scientific knowledge and awareness among readers. It covers topics such as technology, space science, environment, and health. Jnananikshepam aims to disseminate scientific information in a reader-friendly and engaging manner.

Sastrakeralam: Sastrakeralam is a science magazine that caters to students, teachers, and science enthusiasts. It provides comprehensive coverage of scientific concepts, experiments, research, and discoveries. Sastrakeralam aims to foster scientific curiosity and critical thinking among readers.

Science Reporter: Science Reporter is a national science magazine published in multiple languages, including Malayalam. It covers a wide range of scientific topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, and technology. Science Reporter features articles, interviews, and reports on cutting-edge research and scientific advancements.

Science Mathrubhumi: Science Mathrubhumi is a science magazine published by the Mathrubhumi Group. It covers a variety of scientific subjects, including space, biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Science Mathrubhumi aims to make science accessible and interesting to readers of all ages.

These science magazines have played a crucial role in disseminating scientific knowledge, promoting scientific temper, and inspiring an interest in science among readers in Kerala. They contribute to creating a scientifically aware and informed society by providing engaging and informative content related to various scientific disciplines.

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