Fire Magazine

Fire Magazine is a popular Malayalam language publication known for its coverage of crime, detective stories, and investigative journalism. It is a weekly magazine that caters to readers who have an interest in crime-related content.

Fire Magazine features a variety of articles that focus on real-life crime stories, including murder mysteries, police investigations, and criminal activities. The magazine often includes detailed accounts of criminal cases, interviews with law enforcement officials, and in-depth analysis of forensic evidence.

In addition to crime stories, Fire Magazine also covers topics related to social issues, human interest stories, and occasionally features articles on paranormal phenomena and supernatural events.

Fire is the online version of Malayalam news magazine published by Kalakaumudi group. A quest for truth and news within news. Fire is published fortnightly.

Contact: Fire magazine
Sukumaran Mani
Corporate office, Kaumudi plus
Kaumudi Buildings
Pettah P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 024

Phone - +91-471-3246181, 2461050

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