Grihalakshmi Magazine

Grihalakshmi is a women's magazine published in India, which covers topics such as fashion, beauty, health, relationships, and lifestyle. It is published in Malayalam language by the Mathrubhumi Group.

Grihalakshmi is magazine for women in Malayalam published by Mathrubhumi group.

Grihalakshmi Magazine is a woman's monthly magazine providing various information for the women of Kerala.

Various topics of Women's interest are covered in Grihalakshmi Magazine.

Grihalakshmi is dedicatewd to entertaining and educating house wives and working women in Kerala and also among Malayali women outside Kerala.

tasty and healthy recipes are published in Grihalakshmi magazine every month.

Health tips, cooking tips, cleaning tips, time management tips, and various small tips are provided to women by Grihalakshmi.

Grihalakshmi provides guidance to Kerala Women on Kids health, Kids Education and their upbringing.

A Separate section is available for the women's health and fitness in Grihalakshmi Magazine.

Woman's Fashion, lifestyle, fashion accessories, jewellery, hobbies, arts and crafts, tailoring and many other women related matters are discussed in Grihalakshmi.

Grihalakshmi began its publishing in 1979.

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