Kundara Jacobite Syrian Church, Kollam District

The photo gallery of the Kundara Jacobite Syrian Church history and present situation of the locked up church.

The baptismal font in the old church is in ruins.For the Syrian Orthodox Church ,the baptismal font represent the Holy Virgin St:Mary.So insulting the baptismal font is similar to insulting the Mother of God.Will the Kottayam Catholicose escape from the wrath of St: Mary.

The church in the dilapidated condition.The roof is half destroyed.Priests from either factions cannot enter the church.The main door has been destroyed and the church is now open to grazing animals and anti-social elements.

The inside of the partially built church which was locked up in the 70's.It was built to the right side of the old church and the construction process was halted due to the court order obtained by Kollam Koorilose(The whole property including the Old church,partially built church and the cemetry are under the Reciever's control)

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