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Kerala is famous for its unique jewelry, which reflects the state's rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Here are some tips for jewelry shopping in Kerala:

Visit local jewelry shops: Kerala has many local jewelry shops that offer traditional and contemporary designs. Visit these shops to get an idea of the different styles and designs available.

Look for unique designs: Kerala jewelry is known for its unique designs, such as temple jewelry, which is inspired by the temple art and architecture of the state. Look for designs that are unique to Kerala and reflect the state's culture and heritage.

Choose the metal: Kerala jewelry is typically made of gold or silver. Choose the metal that suits your preference and budget. Kerala is also known for its rose gold jewelry, which has become popular in recent years.

Check the purity: When buying gold jewelry, make sure to check the purity of the gold. The purity is indicated by the karat value, with 24 karat being the purest form of gold. Kerala gold jewelry typically comes in 22 karat or 18 karat.

Consider the stones: Kerala jewelry often features precious and semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and pearls. Consider the stones used in the jewelry and their quality before making a purchase.

Major Jewelleries in different parts of Kerala. A brief information about these Jewellers and their websites are listed. All the major players like Alapat Jewellers, Alukkas, Josco, Kalyan, Bhima etc are included in this section.

  • Bhima Jewellery : Bhima, over 75 years of gold with excellence. Innovative jewellery designs that only gets better with each creation because only a few manage to grow young with experience.
  • Chemmanur Fashion Jewellers, Mavoor Road, Calicut : Chemmanur Fashion Jewellers, the worlds first jewellery group with BIS and ISO certification for quality.
  • A.Geeri Pai Jewellery : Discerning customers, who do not want to compromise on cut, carat, color and clarity make A. Geeri Pai their preferred destination. For the purest diamonds, gems, birthstones.
  • Atlas Jewellery : Atlas Jewellery is the first and the only 22ct Jewellery chain to 'swing its wings' to all the GCC countries. The only one to facilitate 24 hours gold rate enquiry and gold rate information through mass media.
  • Malabar Gold : Malabar Gold showcases a fine array of gold, Platinum and Diamond jewelry and located at various locations in South India.
  • Alapatt Fashion Jewellery : Spectacular range of modern, traditional, antique and designer jewellery at Alapatt Fashion Jewellery.
  • Francis Alukkas Jewellery : Alukkas, the No.1 jewellery in India and the only Indian jewellery with an international rapport. An exclusive floor for diamonds, which is the biggest diamond gallery in Kerala.
  • Antos Alukkas Jewellery : Antos Alukkas specializes in the kind of jewellery that women dream of.
  • Joy Alukkas Group : Considering the wide range of opportunities that traditional Indian weddings offer, Mr Joy Alukkas introduced the concept of having a Wedding Centre incorporated within a Jewellery store.
  • Sunny Jacob Jewellers : The one and only Gold showroom that accepts gold once sold at the same price even after years.