Church of Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen, Ernakulam

The Holy Mother is the anchor of the island which was a ship building centre of old rigged sailing vessels.

Parish of Our Lady of Hope, with an area of 10, occupying southern end of Vypeen Island, is the northern most boundary of Diocese of Cochin.

Church of Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen, facing the shipping channel of Cochin, celebrated the fourth centenary of her erection on 19th November, 2005.

The Diocese of Cochin, now diminutive in size due to successive bifurcations in the course of time, once used to be the Mother Diocese of many a bishopric in the Sub-continent. The erstwhile Mother Diocese extended in the west coast from Malabar, down south to Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin of old) and still further down , Ceylon ( the present Sri Lanka ) and stretched along the east coat all the way up, encompassing Nepal, Bangladesh and beyond Burma ( now, Myanmar ) and still further east to Hong Kong, Malacca and Macau.

Rev . Fr. Vicar
Our Lady of Hope Church Vypeen
Azheeckal P.O
Cochin 682510

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