C.S.I Christ Church, Trivandrum

The CSI Christ Church is one of the oldest CSI Congregations in Trivandrum city.

CSI Christ Church consists of about 1000 families and has 3 worship services-English, Malayalam and Tamil on every Sunday. Regular divine services are conducted on all Sundays in three languages.

All the Tamil services are matins except first Sundays in every month. First sunday service is Holy Communion service.

Worship Time
6.15 a.m. Tamil
7.15 a.m. English
9.45 a.m. Malayalam
7.30 a.m. Zion Hall - 2nd & 4th Sundays

Christ Church Parsonage
DBRA-61, Near Devaswom
Board Jn, Nanthencode,
Trivandrum-695 003

Telephone : 2316033

Web : http://www.csichristchurch.org/