Ashok Leyland Limited

Ashok Leyland Limited is a commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Chennai, India. The company was founded in 1948 and is currently the second-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India, with a market share of over 30%.

Ashok Leyland designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of commercial vehicles including trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, and military vehicles. The company's products are sold under various brand names including Dost, Partner, Captain, Boss, and 1616. Ashok Leyland also provides after-sales services such as vehicle servicing, repair, and maintenance, and offers genuine spare parts and accessories for its products.

Ashok Leyland has a global presence, with operations in countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has also established joint ventures with international companies such as Nissan Motor Company and John Deere.

Ashok Leyland has been recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation, winning several awards including the Deming Prize for quality management and the National Award for Excellence in Energy Management. The company has also been actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities, particularly in the areas of education, health, and community development.

India's second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Product range covers trucks, buses, industrial and marine engines and ferrous castings.

For over five decades, Ashok Leyland has been the technology leader in India's commercial vehicle industry, moulding the country's commercial vehicle profile by introducing technologies and product ideas that have gone on to become industry norms.

From 18 seater to 82 seater double-decker buses, from 7.5 tonne to 49 tonne in haulage vehicles, from numerous special application vehicles to diesel engines for industrial, marine and genset applications, Ashok Leyland offers a wide range of products.