Dosa Recipes

Dosa is a typical South Indian breakfast rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Regular dose batter is made from rice and split, skinned urad bean blended with water and left to ferment overnight. The batter is then ladled in small amounts onto a hot greased tawa and is spread out into a thin circle and fried with oil or ghee until golden brown. The dosa may then be folded in half and served, or it may be flipped to cook on the other side and then served. Dosas can be stuffed with vegetables, meats and sauces to create different tastes. Dosa is served with accompaniments such as chutney, sambar, milagai podi, Muddha Pappu(dal) with large amount of Ghee or a pickle. There are a number of dosa variations like Egg Dosa, Chilli Dosa, Onion Dosa, Ghee dosa, Butter Dosa, Family Roast, Paper Dosa, Chow-Chow Dosa, Masala dosa and much more.