Dosa is a favourite dish for Indian people. It is originally from South India but loved by people all over India. Ingredients Rice - 1 cup Urad dal - 1/4 cup Upma rava/Bombay rava - 3, 4 tsps Fenugreek seeds - 3-4 Sugar - 2 tsps Bengal gram Dal - 1 tsp Water for grinding Salt to taste Method Soak 1 cup rice & 1/4th cup urad dal in cold water for about 6 hours. Also soak upma rava, bengal gram dal, fenugreek seeds in another vessel for about 6 hours. Then grind all the soaked ingredients with sugar adding water little by little. The consistency should be semi-liquid. Add salt according to the desired taste. Keep it covered & leave it to ferment overnight. Apply little oil to the dosa pan. Let the pan become hot, but not smoky. Carefully spread the batter on the pan evenly. Spread out a thin dosa. The diameter of the dosa depends on how large or how small you want your dosa. Then add a little oil to it & let it roast a bit then turn over to the other side & let it roast too, till the dosa turns golden brown, in colour. Serve the dosas hot with Coconut Chutney/Sambar.