Paper Roast

Paper Roast - The dosa is spread thinly and fried until crisp like a paper. Ingredients Dosa rice/Pachari - 3 cup Urid or urad dal/uzhunnu - 1 cup Cooked rice - 1 cup Salt Oil or Ghee Method Soak rice and urad dal for 4-5 hrs. First grind urad dal into a smooth batter by adding enough water. Pour into a bowl. Then grind rice and cooked rice together. That too make to a smooth batter by adding enough water. Then pour that into urad dal batter. Add enough salt and mix all nicely. Keep in room temperature over night. Before you make dosa, mix the batter well with spoon. Heat a non stick pan. Grease it with oil or ghee. Reduce heat to low. Pour one ladle full batter over the pan and spread it from centre. Make it as big as u can, by moving the ladle in clockwise or anti clockwise direction. Increase heat to low-medium. Drizzle oil or ghee over dosa. When it becomes light brown take dosa from pan. Serve hot with Coconut chutney or Sambar. To make Rocket Dosai: Make a golden brown paper roast dosai as above. Do not turn over. Make a cut on the radius at any point. Swirl over to form a rocket shape. Serve with any side dish.