Food Poisoning : Causes, Symptoms, first aid, prevention

Food Poisoning occurs mostly because of the carelessness while cooking and storing food. Food poisoning can occur at any place (home or a public party) if proper care is not taken while preparing food.

There are two types of food poisoning:

Due to Bacteria

Due to Chemicals

Food Poisoning causing Germs: When food becomes old, the bacteria in the food double its growth making the food poisonous. When we eat this food, it will cause food poisoning. Salmonella, Stephalo Coccus, bacterias causes this type of poisoning.

When food is kept unpreserved for over 6-8 hours, these bacteria produce poison, which will get mixed with the food. Bacteria namely, Shigalla, Clostridium Botulism and Basicillus Sirius also cause food poisoning. Bacteria like Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Enteritidis causes 60 to 80% of food poisoning.

Bacteria exists in pet animals, rats, birds etc. The bacterium which comes out of the excreta of these animals, birds, when accidentally gets mixed with food, poisoning can occur. Meat, Fish, Milk, Egg, Milk Products etc. has the increased presence of these bacteria.

When vegetables are grown in untidy conditions, using those vegetables also causes food poisoning. The poisoning that occurs due to Staphylococcus bacterium affects the stomach and nervous system. Vomiting, Loose motion etc. occurs with in one hour after consuming the poisonous food.

E.Coli bacteria enter our body through contaminated water. Symptoms of poisoning may appear only after 14 to 16 hours of infection.

Botulism poison is contained in the Clostridium Botulism strain of bacteria. This affects the nervous system. Tiredness of the muscles, blurred vision, difficulty in swallowing food and doubled vision are the symptoms of this poisoning.

Poisoning from Chemicals:

When food is mixed with chemicals which is harmful to the human body, chemical poisoning occurs. Fertilizers used on the fruits and vegetables while cultivation, urea injected into the fruits to make them big, hormones etc. causes poisoning due to chemicals.

Common Symptoms:

After food, if we experience two or more of the following symptoms, then food poisoning can be doubted: Vomiting Sensation, Vomiting, ody Pain, Rashes on the body, Diarrhea. If the poisoning has affected the lining of the stomach, then blood stained stools also is seen. Immune-depressed people, small children, pregnant women, old people and AIDS patients are more prone to food poisoning. It can cause abortion in pregnant women. Poison from Stephalo Coccus may affect the brain too. People with diabetes, ulcers or stomach diseases are also prone to poisoning.


Give lot of water to the poisoned person. Rice Soup, Coconut water and ORS solution should be administered to these patients. If the poisoning is not severe, the affected person will become normal with in two hours if a lot of water is given.

Things to be taken care of when Food Poisoning Occurs If the patient suffers from diiarrhea and vomiting, avoid milk and meat. Avoid heavy food. Poisoning can affect lever too. Fever, shivering etc. can also occur at this time. If dehydration occurs, the level of blood also reduces. This causes the reduction of blood flow to the kidney and affects its functioning. If the following symptoms occur, consult a doctor immediately.

If the patient becomes very tired and condition worsens If the stool is mixed with blood stained water If strong stomach ache occurs If the vomiting and diarrhea persist for more than a day