Successful Online Business in India

In the last few decades electronics and information technology has really changed our lives and way of thinking. After electronics and telecom revolution now Internet is growing in a very fast rate in India with telecom giants like BSNL, Tata, Reliance and Airtel are coming up with new broadband packages with attractive tariff rates. Now more and more homes are getting connected to the net. This growing internet connectivity increases the scope of online business through internet.

Many people think that you need a product to sell to make money through Internet. But this is not true. You can sell a service like matrimonial sites or online tuition. You can also offer some free services and make money through online advertisement. If you are software professional then you can take projects online and work as a freelance programmer or web developer.

First thing for any net based business is to create a net identity. (In some cases this is not required if you are using a third party site to communicate with the clients). To create a net identity you need a website describing about your product or service. Making a website is not a big task. You can use popular website creation tools like Frontpage or Dreamwaver to create a 4-5 pages website. If you are not comfortable with these products then approach a small web development firm.

Spend more time in making the content. Content is very important for a successful site. Once the site is ready then you have to make it online. For this you need two things, a domain name and a web space. These you can get it from a web hosting company. Think about an attractive domain name. Domain name should contain useful keywords describing your business. For example if you are selling digital cameras then you should include keywords digital and camera in the domain name like Don't make it too long. You can use hyphens(-) or underscores(_) in domain names.

If your site is for Indian audience then you can go for a .in domain name. If you are planning a small business then go for shared hosting with minimum space like 5mb or 10mb. If you are planning it in a big way then go for dedicated hosting. A 10mb Linux space costs about Rs450/- and a .com domain costs about Rs400/-. With less than Rs1000/- you can make an online identity. Hosting provider gives you option to choose hosting in India or US. If you are targeting Indian customers then go for Indian hosting. This is slightly costlier than US hosting. Now you can upload the files.

Creating a site is not everything. Many people make mistake at this point. You have to market the site and optimize it for search engines. This is a very very important thing. First add your website to all major search engines. It is a free service. Now you can search for free directories and add your site. Try to get maximum links to your site. If possible approach a search engine optimization specialist and take advice from him.

There are so many technical factors that affect your search engine ranking like duplicate content, canonical problems, over optimization, linking to spam sites etc. A search engine specialist can guide you to optimize the site for search engines and get more hits from major search engines like Google, Msn and Yahoo.