Personal Computer Buying Guide - Monitor, Drives and Printer

Depends on your budget you can go for either a CRT monitor or a LCD one. A normal 15" CRT monitor costs around Rs4,000 while the LCD one costs around Rs9,000. A 17" CRT costs around Rs5,000 but 17" LCD monitor costs Rs11,000. Many advantages for LCD monitors like low power consumption, compact, no radiation etc but it is costly compared to CRT monitors. Many brands are available like Samsung, LG, Sony, Proview and Microtek.

Drives - Floppy/CDROM/DVDROM/CD-RW/Combo/DVD-RW

Floppy disk is almost outdated. It costs around Rs300 so if required you can include it. A normal CDROM drive with 52X speed costs Rs650 while a CD writer (CD-RW) costs Rs1,100. At the same time a DVD reader costs Rs1100 and a DVD writer (DVD-RW) costs around Rs2000. A combo drive (CD-RW+DVD Reader) costs Rs1,400. It is better to go for a DVD-RW because CD technology is almost outdated. In DVD-RW you can read and write CDs as well as DVDs. A CD can contain only up to 700MB of data but a Dual Layer DVD can contain up to 8.5GB of data. At present dual layer DVDs are costly and in India mainly single layer DVDs are available and it can contain up to 4.7GB enough to hold around 3 CD quality movies or about 1000 mp3 songs. Many brands are available like Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus and Gigabyte.


Many normal and multimedia keyboards models are available in the market today from Logitech, Samsung, TVSE etc. Select a good looking one. If your budget allows then go for a cordless one but not necessary. A normal or multimedia keyboard costs around Rs300.


Two types are available, ball type and optical type. Now everybody is going for optical one because of its easy usage and accuracy. Available brands are Logitech, Samsung etc. Select a 2 button optical mouse with scroll wheel. Again if budget permits you can go for a wireless mouse. Three types of interfaces are available for mouse, USB, Serial and PS2. It is better to buy a PS2 or USB type. A normal wired optical mouse costs Rs400 while a wireless one costs Rs700. Total set also available like cordless mouse + cordless keyboard, costs around Rs1700. Another one is Logitech cordless keyboard + cordless mouse + remote costs around Rs4800.

Cabinet and SMPS

SMPS stands for switched mode power supply. This is to regulate power to the computer mainly to avoid problems with power fluctuations and spikes. Normally SMPS and power cables come with cabinet so you don't have to buy it separately. Different models are available in market today from Mercury, Zebronics etc priced around Rs1000 to Rs2000.


May types of speakers are available from brands like Creative, Altec Lans, John Barel, Techsonic, Microtek etc. A normal stereo speaker is more than enough for a home pc costs around Rs500 but if you want you can go for high quality 2.1 or 5.1 chanel home theatre speakers which you can connect to your /TVDVD Player too. A 2.1 model costs Rs1500 while a 5.1 costs Rs3000 to Rs6000.


Many types of printers are available like dot matrix, Inkjet, LaserJet, line printer etc. For home usage Inkjet is the best choice because of its low costs and printing quality. Many models are available from Hewlett Packard (HP), Epson and Canon, costs around Rs1500 to Rs3500. If your usage is heavy then go for a LaserJet.