Women Forums

There are several women's forums and organizations in Kerala that aim to empower women, promote gender equality, and address women's issues. These forums provide a platform for women to voice their concerns, seek support, and participate in discussions and initiatives. Here are some notable women's forums in Kerala:

Kerala Mahila Congress: Kerala Mahila Congress is the women's wing of the Indian National Congress party in Kerala. It works towards promoting women's rights, empowerment, and social justice.

All Kerala Women's Association (AKWA): AKWA is a prominent women's organization in Kerala that works towards the upliftment of women in various spheres. It focuses on education, health, legal aid, and social welfare.

Vanitha Mathil: Vanitha Mathil is a women's forum that advocates for women's rights, gender equality, and social justice. It organizes awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops to address women's issues and promote women's empowerment.

Kerala Women's Commission: The Kerala Women's Commission is a statutory body established to safeguard the rights and interests of women in Kerala. It addresses complaints related to harassment, discrimination, and violence against women.

National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW): The Kerala chapter of the National Federation of Indian Women actively works towards the upliftment of women and the promotion of gender equality. It organizes campaigns, seminars, and initiatives to address women's issues.

Penkoottu: Penkoottu is a women's forum in Kerala that aims to create awareness about women's rights, health, education, and social issues. It conducts workshops, discussions, and awareness campaigns to empower women and promote gender equality.

These women's forums play a crucial role in advocating for women's rights, addressing gender-based discrimination and violence, and promoting women's empowerment in Kerala. They provide a platform for women to come together, share experiences, and work towards creating a more inclusive and equal society.

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