Vinayaka Caterers, Kochi

Vinayaka, this multi service organization functioning at Cochin, caters to typical Kerala vegetarian sadhya and other delicious recipe. It extends its service by providing you its own fully furnished magnificent Kalyana Mandapam (A/C), convention center, and party hall. The Paalada pradhaman (paayasam) made by Viniyaka, gives you a mouth watering experience, and the payasam alone has lifted the name of Vinayaka, in India and abroad.

It also provides full marriage / function package offer which enables you to walk into the Mandapam, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tiniest of hassles a wedding or reception normally involves.

Vinayaka Caterers & Kalyana Mandapam
Sannidhi Road, Kadavanthra,
Cochin - 682 020
Kerala, India.

Phone : + 91 484 2203040, 2203738
2206767, 2206768
e-mail :

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