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Kerala is home to several museums that offer visitors a glimpse into the state's rich history, culture, and art. Here are some popular museums in Kerala:

Kerala Folklore Museum: Located in Kochi, this museum houses a vast collection of artifacts that showcase Kerala's rich cultural heritage, including traditional costumes, weapons, musical instruments, and art.

Napier Museum: Located in Thiruvananthapuram, this museum houses a collection of art and artifacts from Kerala and other parts of India, including bronze sculptures, traditional costumes, and musical instruments.

Indo-Portuguese Museum: Located in Fort Kochi, this museum showcases the influence of the Portuguese on the culture and art of Kerala, including sculptures, paintings, and furniture.

Hill Palace Museum: Located in Tripunithura, this museum was once the residence of the royal family of Kochi and now houses a collection of artifacts, including paintings, weapons, and furniture.

Maritime Museum: Located in Kochi, this museum showcases the history and culture of Kerala's coastal communities, including their maritime traditions and seafaring history.

These museums offer visitors a chance to explore Kerala's rich cultural and historical heritage and are a must-visit for anyone interested in learning more about the state's art, history, and traditions.

Listing of all major Museums in Kerala with brief information

  • Maritime Museum, Kochi : The Maritime Museum, located at INS Dronacharya in Kochi throws light on the genesis, history, evolution and landmarks of the Indian Navy.
  • Natural History Museum : The museum has a varied and rich collection of minerals and books presented by General Cullen in 1885.
  • Hill Palace Museum, Tripunithura : Hill Palace is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala, near Tripunithura
  • Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery, Kozhikode : The Pazhassiraja museum and the art gallery of Kozhikode have been named after the famous Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Kottayam royal family.
  • V.K. Krishna Menon Museum, Kozhikode : The Krishna Menon Museum is a major attraction to the tourists who visit Kozhikode or Calicut city.
  • Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Trivandrum : Kuthiramalika Palace Museum built by Maharaja Swathi Tirunal Balarama Varma, the King of Travancore.
  • Indo-Portuguese Museum, Kochi : The museum was established by the efforts of the late Dr. Joseph Kureethra, Bishop of Kochi.
  • Ambalavayal Museum : Ambalavayal Museum Wayanad is one of the best maintained, museum in Kerala‚Äôs Malabar region.
  • Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Kumarakom : Bay Island Driftwood Museum at Kumarakom, Kerala, the only one of it's kind in the country, having a unique synergy between natures art and extensive persuasive imagination, that brings to you the beautiful sculptures of the passionate sea.
  • Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram : The Napier Museum is an art and natural history museum situated in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala, India.