Justice V R Krishna Iyer

Website dedicated to Justice V R Krishna Iyer, the honourable Justice - the living legend. Justice Iyer has crusaded against exploitation by multinational corporations and continues to do so.

His perennial pen and profound tongue are still active. He is president or patron of several social, legal and human rights organizations. Indeed his phenomenal personality is draped in simplicity and sapient Gandhian thought.

Justice V R Krishna Iyer is the founder of a variety of social and professional organisations and guided the working of several of them at different periods.

Justice Iyer has delivered many prestigious lectures including the Tagore Law Lectures on Human Rights (Calcutta University).

He has traveled to many countries like Sri. Lanka, Honk Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, USA, UK, Canberra, Geneva, Stockholm and Brussels.

His addresses in Dhaka and Karachi at the SAARC Law Conference are memorable. He delivered an important lecture on Victimology in Adelaide in Australia and he is an activist in Victimology.

Web : http://www.vrkrishnaiyer.org/