Hardware Companies

The hardware industry in Kerala is relatively small compared to the software and BPO industries. However, there are some notable companies that have made significant contributions to the development of the industry in the state. Here is a brief history and profile of the hardware industry in Kerala, as well as some of the top companies in the state:

History and Profile:
The hardware industry in Kerala started in the 1980s with the establishment of small and medium-sized companies involved in the production of electronic components and computer peripherals. Over the years, the industry has grown slowly, with the establishment of several hardware manufacturing and assembly units across the state.

Top Hardware Companies in Kerala:

Keltron - Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation
V-Guard Industries
Hantek Technologies
OEN India
Tata Elxsi
Invention Labs
ABB India
Sunrise Electronics
Priyanka Electronics
Premier Electronics

These companies have established a strong presence in Kerala and have contributed significantly to the growth of the hardware industry in the state. They offer a range of products, including electronic components, power protection systems, electrical appliances, and automation solutions.

Overall, the hardware industry in Kerala is relatively small but has the potential for growth, given the state's favorable business environment and skilled workforce. The government's continued support for the sector and the presence of top hardware companies make Kerala an attractive destination for hardware investments.

Directory of major Hardware Companies in Kerala.

L. R. InfoTech, Accel Transmatic, Stallion Systems, Prolific systems, Surya innovations for Embedded Development (SiED), AptMicro Solutions Limited, Thodukonics, Bitsnbytes.net and others are listed.